Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club

Member since 2020

The Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club (NFRCC) is made up of 20 individual camera and photography clubs, with some of those clubs belonging to the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA) and/or the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

Established in 1957, the NFRCC encompasses an area in the Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Western New York and Pennsylvania, thus making it truly an International Organization. Our meeting season is from September through May with meeting schedules at the discretion of each club. See each club for club officers, competition results, meeting locations, times and program listings.

Visitors are welcome at NO COST to drop in at any of the clubs.


We have events throughout the year sponsored by the NFRCC as well as our local clubs. List of events


The objectives of this organization shall be:
  1. To promote interest in various photographic media throughout the Niagara Frontier region.
  2. To provide education in various photographic media throughout the Niagara Frontier region.
  3. To enhance the photographic activities of member clubs.
  4. To foster participation in international photographic salons and exhibitions.


Any photographic club in the Niagara Frontier region interested in the art and/or science of photography may apply for membership upon payment of the prescribed fees and upon approval of the Board of Directors.

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