How to Submit Images

Submission guidelines for all digital images:
  • Image format – .JPG files only
  • Maximum pixel dimensions – 1920 Pixels wide by 1080 Pixels high including digital mats and borders.
  • Color space – should be sRGB
  • File naming: Each image file will be named as follows: Letter of Division (P, N, or W)… followed by an underscore Number of entry (1 or 2)… followed by an underscore Last name … followed by an underscore First name… followed by an underscore Title Example: P_1_Thyme_Justin_End of the Day.jpg Note: The jpg file extension may or may not show up on your finished image, but if you have saved it in that format, it is there.
  • Check your files carefully to be sure they match the requirements. The committee will not be responsible for making corrections.
  • You must submit by e-mail in advance.
  • Please list: Your full name and address, and the NFRCC club, (if any) to which you belong
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