I am looking for presenters, what and who is available?

Charlie BartolottaSMCCMonochrome, Table Topcamarochas70[at]gmail.com
Dave Valvo"What judges want to see in your image"  Or "How to Win in Competition"  Or "How to Improve your images".   dvalvo[at]rochester.rr.com
Dee CunninghamSTCCDeeCunning[at]aol.com
Donna BrokErie Photo Club--Donna has used Photoshop and Lightroom since beta. Uses Topaz, On1 and Luminar as well. Very skilled in teaching photo editing, compositing, and has been photographing over 50 years. Listed are some of her very popular presentations.
--Moment and Impact in Photography
--Blah to Beautiful
--Learn to Think the Way a Camera Club Judge Should Think- What to Look For
--Photographing Wildlife- Tips to Photograph and Edit Like the Pros
--Photographing Wildlife – Things to Consider to Improve Your Chances
--Photographing and Editing Zoo Animals – Like They Are Not in a Zoo
--Photographing the Tiny World
--Using Techniques of the Great Masters of Art
--Macro By Working a Subject or Place
--What I Learned in Africa – It is a World Apart
--Messy or Boring Backgrounds – Learn to Avoid or Fix Them
--Learn to Shoot and Edit Like the Pros: Compete with Confidence
--Finding and Photographing Wildlife – Shorebirds, In Flight and Near Water, Light, Perspective and Environment
--Photographing Birds
Doug HansgateTCCCtabletop, digital basics, flash basics, flash intermediate, off camera flash, Helicon Focus, tripods and stabilization, lens Selection, light meters, Photoshop layers, Photoshop advanced, model posing, lightroom, file management, HDR, less is more, image sizing, Photoshop portraiture touchup, white balance and histograms, natural light portraiture, digital painting, the exploration of light, Photoshop masks, luminosity masks, painting with light -the digital form, how to professionally judge image competitioins. (www.hansgate.com/presentations.php for more info)doug[at]hansgate.com
Keith BurkhardTCCCNight Photographykburkard1[at]aol.com(716) 868-4381
Larry MathewsonNFCCPhotoshop CC, 1. Creative to abstract. 2. Photoshop layers, filters, blending modes, patterns and brusheslmathewson[at]sympatico.ca
Mary Lou FrostSMCCNIK, Elements,National Park and many moremlfrost[at]verizon.net
Mike DziakTCCCHDR, Sportsbiglens2c[at]gmail.com
Vartkes PeltekgluSt Cathvartkesp7[at]gmail.com
Patti LarsonErie Photography ClubPhotoshop Techniques, Layers, Masks and Textures, Willing to travel.pattilarsonphotos[at]outlook.com812-449-4378
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