Tim Shields – NFRCC Speaker Series, sponsored by Hunts Photo & Video

Presentation: How to Take Award-winning photos with the camera you already own, and without the complicated techno babble

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I struggled with my photography for years and was never happy with my photos until I discovered the one thing that was missing.  It was a framework, or a system that I would use for every photo I take.  And from this discovery came the Photography Transformation Four-Step System that changed everything for me, and for thousands of other photographers.  The system is like a recipe that you can follow, step-by-step, and if you follow the steps your photos will turn out better than you ever thought possible.  Taking amazing pictures has nothing to do with your camera or gear, but everything to do with following four simple steps.  This presentation will show you how you can be taking award-winning photos, how you can get more recognition on social media, and how you can take pictures that your friends and family will look at and ask, “Wow, did you take that?”

Bio: Tim Shields is the founder of PhotographyAcademy.com, the author of The Photo Cookbook, and the creator of the Photography Transformation Four-Step System.  Tim is a prolific landscape photographer, and he explores the world with his wife in search of the most beautiful subjects to photograph.  He is the recipient of the Nature Photographer of the Year Award from Master Photographers International, and he holds the designation of Master Photographer in Fine Art (MPI).  Over 212,000 photographers worldwide have downloaded Tim’s photography products and courses, and he runs the highly successful Photography Academy Facebook group that you can join now for free

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