Other Programs & Presenters

These presenters, both within the NFRCC clubs and private, have programs available for clubs to schedule. Costs and content are subject to the presenters policies.

Please contact the presenter for details.

Many are free.

NFRCC Members willing to present programs

NameClubProgramEmailMeeting Type
Virtual | In-Person|
Charlie BartolottaSMCCMonochrome, Table Topcamarochas70[at]gmail.comNo | Yes
Dave Valvo"What judges want to see in your image"  Or "How to Win in Competition"  Or "How to Improve your images".   dvalvo[at]rochester.rr.comYes | No
"Dodge and burn like the old Masters"
Donna BrokSMCC& TCCCPhotoshop, Lightroom, etc. Contact Donna to discuss programs; she has severaldlbrokdesign[at]roadrunner.comYes | Yes
Donna has several programs on his website, contact her for more information
Doug HansgateTCCCSee Websitedoug[at]hansgate.comYes | Yes
Larry MathewsonNFCC & SMCCPhotoshop CC, 1. Creative to abstract. 2. Photoshop layers, filters, blending modes, patterns and brusheslmathewson[at]sympatico.caYes | No
1. Applying textures in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020, Multiple methods for adding textures. Can also show how to create textures. 

    Can also use some attendees images if provided. 1-1.5 hours long.

2. Adjusting images using Adobe Camera Raw. Basic to mid level coverage of current version of Adobe Camera Raw. What to do and how to use its features. 

   May also allow a final product without using Photoshop or Lightroom ) 1-1.5 hours long. Can use some attendee images if provided.

3. Photoshop basics . How to get started. From Raw to finished product. Can be modified to suit the audience. 1-1.5 hours.

4. This one has been done a couple times and I have 4 different videos on Youtube. It is called "Birds Large and Small". Each video segment would take 1 hour to show and discuss online.
Mary Lou FrostSMCCNIK, Elements,National Park and many moremlfrost[at]verizon.netYes | Yes
The club would get the lesson in advance of the Zoom meeting night.  I suggest that they work the video and try the techniques on the sample image I include. (They could also use the technique on an image of their choice) They are then welcome to send me their image development and either send me questions in advance, or have a local host who can take questions via chat and present the questions.  I will answer questions and probably would start the meeting by doing a live presentation to match what I sent.
Mary Lou also has Lessons posted on the NFRCC website:
Mike DziakTCCCHDR, Sportsbiglens2c[at]gmail.comNo | Yes
Sports Photography- the how , why, and equipment to bring back memorable shots
Basic editing in Lightroom- why all my photos begin in Adobe Lightroom, most totally processed there.

Other Presenters

NameInfo on coursesEmail
Terry MacDonaldWebsite
Stephen SlackWebsite
James CowieWebsite
Joe EdelmanWebsite
Lisa LangellWebsitelisa@langellphotography.com
Mike MoatsWebsitemacrogeekmike@yahoo.com 
Tim GreyWebsite
Sharon TannenbaumWebsite
Hazel MeridithWebsite
Gary Friedman Gary@Friedman Archives.com