Policy for including member images on the NFRCC website.

Images are used throughout the NFRCC web site, and are typically supplied by our members, past and present. Images will be credited to the maker and club wherever they are used.

Be advised that by entering images into competition, or supplying an image in any way, you grant the NFRCC the right to display the images online and to submit images to other selected competitions, on behalf of the NFRCC.  Images from previous competitions may also be used.

Other images on the NFRCC website, e.g. for the banner and galleries may also be used.

All photographs on this site are the property of our individual members and cannot be used without the express consent of the photographer.

You, the maker, will still maintain the copyright and ownership of the images.

Images and content on the NFRCC website are protected from “right click” access. This removes the ability of right clicking on any part of the NFRCC web site and saving or copying the image. It also removes the ability of looking at the underlying html code and discovering the direct link to images.

Please note that we cannot protect any part of the NFRCC web site from “screen grabs”. 

 Please see the Copyright Notice and Disclaimer