NFRCC/OCCC Competition

This International competition was started in 2013 to bring members together for a photographic competition and friendship between clubs. This Inter-region projected image competition is held annually. The 2 clubs take turns hosting the competition. The host club decides on competition categories, location and program speaker for the day. NFRCC hosts the club in the WNY or Southern Ontario Canada area, OCCC hosts the competition in the Toronto, Ontario Canada area.

General Rules:
Photographs must be the work of the maker and not the product of a workshop, Class or setup, with or without an instructor’s assistance. Competitions are open to images that have been computer enhanced or computer manipulated. Images must be based on or composed of original optically or photographically generated images. Images are not to be totally computer-generated. All components of an image must be created by the photographer-no clip art or purchased software images. Maker must have all rights to this image.


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