NFRCC – Judges Course

Judging Course Information:
There will be three classes to attend for new judges, existing judges, and the general membership



At the end of the course participants will receive the manual produced for this series

The goal of this course is to build excitement around learning and teaching. Judges should look at their images as having potential and ways to improve this potential, not pointing out just the faults. The instructors are there to guide you through the learning process. Anyone attending this course will learn what a judge does and WHY. For existing judges the course will serve as a refresher for your judging process.  Existing judges will also be a benefit by providing assistance to new judges during the classes and becoming mentors thereafter.

Class Descriptions:The classes are designed around the three main criteria and image attributes :

a. Technical

b. Composition 

c. Impact

Opening – Welcome the members and judges.  Attendees will be advised of the process of good judging, be instructed for what judges should be looking for in an image, and help those that might choose to become a judge.  An explanation of what to expect from the three classes will be provided.

 Saturday, January 9, 2021, at 10am – 12 pm  – Welcome, & What is the Job of the Judge, a direction based on what judges should be looking for when performing their critique.

Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 10am – 12 pm – Technical Proficiency and Recognizing How it is Achieved, Composition, the Backbone of a Successful Image. A specific and compressive explanation, demonstrated by using example images.  What judges should be looking for in images of all genres, as well as creative, or images with a unique flare.  Look at faults and things to avoid as well as what helps a judge assess a good composition. Address the Rules, but also how breaking the Rules can produce a more compelling image.

Saturday, February 6, 2021, at 10am – 12 pm –  Impact and Artfulness.  It will define impact in photography and show how to recognize when an image possesses the ability to move viewers and get a wide range of image engagement. Moving the viewer is the final step in the success of an image. This will be demonstrated by using example images.
Upon successful completion of the course attendees will receive a Certificate indicating they have completed the course.  This is not a certificate indicating they are a certified judge.  Criteria needed to obtain the certificate will be provided at the 1st class by Donna Brok. 
Next step for members who are interested in becoming NEW JUDGES.

Download Technical Viewing Requirements for On-Line Judging