NFRCC Interclub Competitions

Interclub competition entries must be submitted digitally, email or by CD.

A digital image may be entered just once in the McKellar and just once in the Golden
Horseshoe. An image that is essentially the same as one already entered may not be submitted subsequently. A penalty of 4 points will follow a violation of this rule.

Only a paid member of an NFRCC affiliated Club is eligible to enter the McKellar and
Golden Horseshoe Competitions. Those with memberships in more than one affiliated club may have images submitted by each of the clubs, subject to Rule 2.

Each club must submit a list of all club members with an asterisk * identifying those who
have competed in either print or projected image competitions by January 1, 2020 to:

NFRCC Secretary: Sharon Dentice: and Interclub Chair: Andrea Burke:

After that date each club should continue to send any new competing member details to the same individuals.