Mark Bowie

MOONLIT: Photographing by the Light of the Moon
Unbelievably beautiful... otherworldly... Moonlight on the landscape opens profound creative possibilities for night photographers. It provides fill light, outlines details, and adds ambience and mystery.

This multimedia presentation features still images, time-lapse sequences, audio and video, accompanied by inspired narration. It's an in-depth exploration of a largely-disregarded facet of night photography — shooting under all phases of the moon. Learn the technical details of calculating exposure, achieving critical focus, shooting time intervals, and much more. And learn to see the creative possibilities of photographing the moonlit landscape.
Mark Bowie is a professional nature photographer, writer and much sought-after public speaker. His work has been published internationally in books and magazines, on calendars, posters, and greeting cards, and in advertising media. His first two coffee table books, Adirondack Waters and In Stoddard’s Footsteps, have become landmark regional publications. He followed those with The Adirondacks: In Celebration of the Seasons. He has also authored two extensive e-books on night photography: The Light of Midnight and After Midnight: Night Photography by Example, and one on his photographic journey, Finding November. He recently released a new instructional video, Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes, demonstrating how to shoot and blend images as panoramas, HDR's, layer masks, focus stacks, and more. Mark is a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute and leads digital and landscape photography workshops and tours. For more on his work visit his new website,