Hamilton Camera Club

NFRCC Program Guide

2020-2021 Program Guidewww.hamiltoncameraclub.comhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/420264844825486/?ref=bookmarks
[Club Description]
Hamilton Camera Club was first established in the 1890's, and has been built on the premise of sharing knowledge, photographic education, camaraderie and fellowship. Our meetings are held on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm approximately 2 times per month. The club offers at least 1 workshop and 1 outing per month in addition to our general meetings. For the most up to date information please visit our website which is constantly being updated with photographic opportunities, new workshops, additional information on our guest speakers and the photo galleries of the events we host. Please check our website at HamiltonCameraClub.com for the most up to date information.
Meeting Times:7:30 - 10:00 (Unless otherwise noted)
Meeting Location:Knight of Columbus Hall, 222 Queenston Road, Hamilton, Ontario L8K 1G6
President:Virginia Stranaghan
for details of Hamilton Camera Club Officers seewww.hamiltoncameraclub.com
[Program Schedule 2020-2021]
9/7/2020Open House & Swap MeetNo
9/21/2020General Meeting - Colour and Visual Balance - Guest Speaker - Juraj DolanjskiYes
9/26/2020Outing - Light PaintingNo
10/5/2020General Meeting - Finding Creativity: Live edit of members images - Guest Speaker - Doug HansgateYes
10/10/2020Workshop - Introduction To ClinicsYes
10/17/2020Outing - Westfield Heritage VillageNo
10/19/2020General Meeting - AV MinifestYes
10/24/2020Workshop - Basic CameraYes
10/26/2020General Meeting - Street Photography - Monique CampbellYes
11/2/2020General Meeting - An Evening with The OCCC Judge Chair - Guest Speaker - Norm UllockYes
11/14/2020Workshop - Photo Composites - Rich McKenzieYes
11/16/2020General Meeting - Digital Clinic #1 ResultsYes
11/21/2020Outing - Street PhotographyNo
11/27/2020Outing - Christ's Church CathedraNo
11/30/2020General Meeting - Macro and Nature Photography - Guest Speaker - Jason DiMicheleYes
12/5/2020Outing - Christmas Lights Gore ParkNo
12/14/2020Christmas Potluck DinnerNo
1/4/2021General Meeting - Digital Clinic #2 ResultsNo
1/16/2021Outing - Dundurn CastleNo
1/18/2021General Meeting - Landscape Photography - Guest Speaker - Rachel LerchNo
1/30/2021Workshop - Studio LightingNo
2/1/2021General Meeting - Under Water Photography - Guest Speaker - Stuart SeldonNo
2/13/2021Workshop - Lightroom Part 1Yes
2/20/2021Outing - Niagara Falls - WinterNo
2/22/2021General Meeting - Digital Clinic #3 ResultsNo
March 12 - 14 2021CanAm Photo Expo
3/20/2021Workshop - High Key / Low Key / Still LifeNo
3/22/2021General Meeting - AV MinifestNo
3/27/2021Outing - Niagara Butterfly ConservatoryNo
4/12/2021General Meeting - Early Morning Bug Photography - Guest Speaker - Scott SimonsNo
4/19/2021General Meeting - Digital Clinic #4 Results; Print Clinic #2 ResultsNo
5/3/2021Annual General MeetingNo
5/10/2021Year End BanquetNo
5/15/2021Outing - Insect Photography & Bug WalkNo