Golden Horseshoe Competition

This Competition is held once a year, usually at the CanAm Photo Expo. Each Club submits twenty (20) digital images. Based on the following criteria, each club must submit a list of competing members by January 1st, following the instructions in the Interclub Competition section above. This list will be the basis for determining the number of images per member each club is allowed.

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Clubs with:
a) Fewer than 10 competing members may submit up to 3 images per member
b) Between 10 and 19 competing members, may submit up to 2 images per member.
c) Between 20 and 29 competing members, may submit up to 2 images from 5 different members, with the rest at 1 image per member.
d) More than 30 competing members will submit 20 images from 20 different makers.

Clubs which violate the method of submission by competing membership numbers will be penalized by a four-point penalty per each image in violation. These penalties are subtracted from the total score of the 20 images submitted. The Club with the highest score for the 20 digital images will be awarded the Golden Horseshoe Award for that year. Images entered in the Golden Horseshoe must be numbered in the same way as the McKellar Competition: ##_XX_Maker Name_Image Title.jpg.