Emily Hojnowski – NFRCC Speaker Series, sponsored by Hunts Photo & Video

Presentation: Lighting for Still Life and Macro Photography

Do you put your camera away if the lighting isn’t perfect? Do you enjoy still life or macrophotography and find you’re just not getting the lighting results you desire? In Controlling the Light: Lighting for Still Life & Macro Photography, we’ll discuss beginning to master your lighting, whether you use natural, flash, or constant lighting. Lighting doesn’t have to be challenging or complicated! Emily will give you all the tips and tricks you need to control your lighting, including cheat sheets, simple set-ups with big impact, and examples of what different lighting modifiers can do.

Bio: If you are looking for inspiration for your photography, look no further than Emily, who brings a world of enthusiasm to every class and workshop in which she teaches! Emily is a self-taught photographer, and has specific love for film photography. Emily can teach anything photographically, but she also has a knack for handling dogs in her spare time, and can combine those two passions in a lesson, if so requested! Emily is the Lead Educator for Hunt’s Photo, Melrose and is an official Lensbaby Ambassador! 

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