NFRCC rules on Plagiarism

Plagiarism:  (Revised 2011)

a.    Images submitted to the NFRCC for judging in interclub competitions and salons shall be the sole works of the submitter.

b.    The image-maker shall be required to provide proof of such upon request by the Competition Committee responsible for that competition. Proof shall be considered to be one or more of the following:

i.    Provision of the original slide or negative from which the image was taken (in the case of scanned images)

ii.    Provision of a copy of the original RAW or JEPG image complete with the attached Metafile or similar embedded documentation providing at least: the make and model of the camera used to take the image, and the date and time the image was taken.

iii.    In the case of composite images including Photomontages, HDR images and panoramas, provision of all photographic elements of the original source(s) as stated above.

c.    By submission of images for consideration in NFRCC competitions, the image maker shall be deemed to have agreed to the above conditions.

d.    If the image-maker is aware that proof cannot be established, and the image in question is withdrawn before any judging or evaluation is conducted, no penalties are to be assessed by the region.  Withdrawal shall consist of immediate notification to the appropriate competition’s chairperson by verbal communication immediately followed by notification of such in writing. For further clarification, e-mail communications shall be considered as notification by writing.

e.    If the image has been judged or evaluated or already sent out for judging and upon request, and the above proof cannot be provided, the penalty should be as follows:

i.    All honor awards resulting from the member’s submissions of images in the current competition year shall be considered null and void.

ii.    Any points received by the offending member in the current competition year will be revoked.

iii.    The offending member will be barred from competing in any future NFRCC competitions for a period of two years.

iv.    Subsequent violations by the member shall result in a lifetime ban from competitions within the NFRCC

v.    The member may not hold executive office in the NFRCC.