2020-2021 Calendar

NFRCC 2020-2021 Calendar
NFRCC Board Meeting Dates 2020-2021:Board Meetings will begin at 4:00PM and be held by Video Conferencing
Link to Board Meeting Video Conference Call will be included in the Agenda
August 30, 2020Board Meeting
November 21NFRCC/OCCC Interregional Competition : NFRCC is hosting
November 22, 2020Board Meeting
January 1, 2021Deadline for club submission of list of all members (include * for those members competing in McKellar and club projected or print 2020-2021 competitions) to Sharon Dentice (sdentice@nfrcc.org) and Andrea Burke (mckellar@nfrcc.org ). This list, including name, home address, mobile phone #, and email, will serve for CanAm discounts and eligibility for member participation in Golden Horseshoe. Names may be added to this list for members joining after the January 1 date.
January 31, 2021Board Meeting
March 12-14, 2021Can/Am Photo Expo, Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, ON
April 18, 2021Board Meeting
June 6, 2021Board Meeting

MCKELLAR COMPETITIONS. See submission details on NFRCC Website
Month of CompetitionSubmission Deadline
McKellar CompetitionOctober10/4/20
McKellar CompetitionNovember11/1/20
McKellar CompetitionJanuary1/3/21
McKellar CompetitionFebruary2/7/21
NFRCC vs OCCC10/20/20
Golden Horseshoe2/28/21

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