GTCCC vs NFRCC Scoring [2017]

2017-GTCCC-NFRCC-Entries-Master update

Here is a breakdown of the NFRCC competition vs GTCCC. I am also attaching a
spreadsheet of the participants of the competition, showing the scores.
How to read the scoring: 3 judges were chosen, at random of the 4 present (2 from each

For example: 80=8.0 85=8.5 90=9.0 etc the score announced 25.5 out of possible 30.
(although the decimal does not show on the score sheet)
1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd place awarded in each category and HM of approx. top 10% in each category. See
the attached full spreadsheet

Category             GTCCC Score     NFRCC Score     Category awarded to

Wildlife               7575                  7515                   GTCCC

Nature                7595                  7395                   GTCCC

Pictorial              7535                  7095                  GTCCC

Overall Points    22705                22005                 GTCCC

Judges Scoring Model
5 – Image has significant flaws
6 – Image is a record shot but it’s ok
7 – Shows sign that maker has made the image
8 – Image has impact, no technical flaws
9 – Superior technically, high impact, strong story
10 – Outstanding technical, impact, composition, story

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